Feeling stuck or frustrated with life often precedes the decision to make a personal transformation. Making a meaningful change is both exciting and distressing. Our brains are wired to make change uncomfortable and more challenging than it needs to be. Focusing on the most important aspects of personal change can make the process smoother and easier. The odds of success are greatly enhanced, too. ( 1)

Include these essentials in your personal transformation process:

Choose Personal Transformation

Making a true decision might be the most powerful thing you can do. A true decision cuts off all other possibilities. Most of us fail to…

Everyone needs to feel loved. It’s vital to know how you enjoy being loved, but also how to properly love others. A doctor by the name of Gary Chapman became famous when he came out with a book called The Five Love Languages.

There is a basic breakdown of five different love languages to make it easier for us to identify how to express ourselves to our loved ones. Once you’ve figured out what your partner’s love language is you’ll be able to show them how you feel in a way that is fulfilling to them.

For example, let’s say…

Life is unpredictable and often very challenging. Each day we’re faced with obstacles that test our ability to cope well with difficulties. It’s easy to get angry, scared, or resentful and forget about gratitude for the good things in our life.

If we don’t cherish and feel grateful for the good things, how can we justify wanting more of them? Consider these easy gratitude practices when you need support in challenging times:

Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Include an act of kindness in your day. When we’re going through a stressful or difficult period in our life, we get so self-centered and focused on self-pity…

You might ask yourself ‘why would I choose to take a spiritual path in life’? The answer may be less obvious than it seems at first. Evidence suggests that you might be designed to seek out a higher power. The oldest archaeological sites discovered to date all have one thing in common. Whether we’re talking about early civilizations in ancient Egypt, the far east or even the oldest communities in the Americas, each of these early settlements were built around a central temple or place of worship. Each culture pursued its own brand of religious practice but central to each…

Charles Cox

Denver Psychic Charles Cox, psychic medium, minister & teacher, founder of the Denver Psychic Development Group https://denver-psychic.com/

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